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Bits of history : from the Big Bang to now-boken skrevs 2016-08-19 av författaren Dick De Jounge. Du kan läsa Bits of history : from the Big Bang to now-boken i PDF, ePUB, MOBI på vår hemsida Du hittar också andra böcker av författaren Dick De Jounge.
The universe has intrigued mankind throughout the ages, and in this book the author gives an account of inventions, discoveries, and more, which have contributed to our understanding of the universe.The history of humanity is just a small parenthesis in a universal perspective, but the historical milestones that have paved the way to what we now know is interesting reading, and the book offers a repetition of much of what we learned in school.But what will happen with the universe in the future. There is room for speculation, and the author contributes with interesting views.

FÖRFATTARE: Dick De Jounge

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ISBN: 9789176990896


We are all made of stardust. It sounds like a line from a poem, but there is some solid science behind this statement too: almost every element on Earth was formed at the heart of a star. Next time you're out gazing at stars twinkling in the night sky, spare a thought for the tumultuous reactions they play host to.

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